Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Jo Chaahe Mango

Jo Chaahe Mango event is coming to make this summer "Mango-licious" for everbody. If you love mangoes and want to try it in various ways, then this event is your go to spot. And if you don't like mangoes, there is no need to worry as one of the many dishes will definitely steal your heart. You will come across ultra-delicious and scrumptious variety of dishes like Mango Sandwich, Mango Waffle, Mango Shake, and much more. Exciting challenges like unlimited Aamras challenge, Mango eating competition & many more such games will a part of the event. Entry is FREE for all. For registration, click here.

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
Ever heard of the “Kansas City Shuffle”? It’s a phenomenon that occurs when “They looks right, and you left.” Mistaken for missing debtor friend, Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is caught up in the war between two crime lords of New York, The Boss (Morgan Freeman) and The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley). On the other hand, police detective Brikowski keeps a close eye on Slevin due to the attention he receives from these two crime lords.In conclusion, its a clever, fast-paced film which will keep you interested with its witty dialogues and very unusual twist at its ending.

The Songs Of Distant Earth
Arthur C Clarke’s labour of love, this novel tells the story of Magellan, a space-craft with the objective of finding an earth-like planet to repopulate. On its journey, Magellan stops over at Thallassa, with the intention of picking up some ice for a shield. Its crew is surprised to find the planet inhabited, and the inhabitants welcoming and intelligent. The interactions between the crew and the Lassans, interspersed with glimpses of the history/future of the universe and humanity forms the rest of the novel.
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Like any Arthur C Clarke novel, much of the science in this book checks out. But the book delves heavily into philosophy and morality as well, raising questions like when is a species intelligent and what happens to people’s belief in God in the face of Doomsday. The author also wrote about how the transfer of culture and knowledge among isolated civilizations could drastically affect either, and about a society without the concept of religion.
The world building of the book alone warrants a read, though the plot seems slow at times. The climax also fizzles out. But it is what happens between the lines which makes the book a compelling read.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Le deuxième seau d'été

Game Night (2018)

This mystery thriller-cum-comedy takes you on a fun-filled ride that you will completely enjoy. Every scene of the movie is packed with genuine laughs and unexpected twists backed by superb performances by a great ensemble cast.
Max and Annie are a married couple trying to have a baby. Instead of their ordinary weekly game night, Max’s irritatingly successful brother Brooks stages a kidnapping murder-mystery game. Brooks is kidnapped and participants set out to solve the mystery. Things start to go awry as they realise the kidnapping was real and Brooks isn’t what they know him to be. What follows is a madcap adventure through one eventful night which teaches the characters some important lessons.

The movie is entertaining enough for a re-watch. How often can we say that about comedies these days?

The Wire
Among the highest rated TV shows out there, this police procedural deals with the criminal underbelly of the coastal city of Baltimore. The series ran for five seasons, with each season focussing on one problem plaguing the city, from drug dealers, to the decline of the working class, to the failing public education system and more. The framing device are the investigations of a team of police detectives using wiretaps to unearth the nexus between criminals and people of power which is eating away at modern American institutions. Extremely well researched, gritty and hopelessly pessimistic, the series promises a gripping watch for the weekend.

Has copying the answers from the poor Monday batch of ME119 kids left your object building creativity in a rut? Ever wanted to build your LEGO masterpiece, with your artistry unhinged by instruction sets AND free of cost? Well, the two seemingly unconnected questions have a not so distant solution manifested in the form of Stud.io , an open source software , based on the foundations of conventional CAM software , integrated quite smoothly with the core ideals of the LEGO culture. A intuitive drag and drop method makes it welcoming for novice builders to build their models with the freedom to use ANY LEGO PART EVER MADE , with advanced controls for the more experienced. It’s peer to peer building functionality lets your friends from around the globe work together in real time to build a model. The real kicker comes in it’s fusion with BrickLink . For the uninitiated , BrickLink is a LEGO powered website in which one can place orders for individual parts for their own makings . It’s ramification is that, one can make a model and order the parts on BrickLink to materialize their creations. 5/7 would recommend
For the link to the app, click here.
Pic of a 1984 Apple Macintosh made in Stud.io follows:

Thursday, May 10, 2018




Arrival is an American sci-fi film based on the short story - “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang.

The movie is centred around the life of a linguistic Louise Banks (Amy Adams), who is recruited by the Army to communicate with extraterrestrials who have arrived in 12 spacecrafts at different spots across the globe. It is not your typical sci-fi film but one of those rare movies in which every element, every moment, every note, comes together in glorious harmony.

At the army camp, she meets a physicist Ian Donelly (Jeremy Renner), along with whom she attempts to decipher the language the aliens seem to attempting communication in. What follows is about to leave you speechless in the end as the movie takes you on one hell of a ride before delivering a climax you never expected.


This Academy Award Winning Biographical Picture revolves around a journalism team “Spotlight” and it’s investigation into widespread and systemic child sex abuse cases by Roman Catholic priests in and around Boston, United States.

With an all-star cast including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Liev Schreiber, the movie never drops it’s intensity for even a moment. Expect a heavy dose of drama and crime to keep you rooted to your couch for a couple of hours.


This masterpiece by Khaled Hosseini is a gripping and emotional story of betrayal and redemption that will thrill but also deeply move. It narrates the story of Amir and Hassan, two best friends living in Kabul.
As a child, Amir commits an act of betrayal towards Hassan which will go on to haunt him for the rest of his life. Later, Amir and his father are forced to flee Afghanistan as the Taliban regime grows in power. Upon moving to America, Amir begins his quest for redemption, righting the wrongs he committed all those years ago in Kabul.
The story is fast-paced with not a single dull moment and the vivid descriptions will force you to pause and admire at many instances along the book.
It’s bound to keep you amazed till the end.

Described by Agatha Christie herself as the most difficult of her books to write, this is her best selling novel and also considered to be one of the finest mystery books of all time. The narration begins with 10 people being summoned to an island under different pretexts. Upon arrival, they discover that they are the only people on the island with no way to leave.

The night of their arrival, an unknown recording plays and accuses each of them of murder at some point in their past and says that they’ve been brought here to pay for their crimes. Gradually, all of them are killed one by one in seemingly mysterious ways until none are left.The beauty of this novel lies in the extreme level of detailing of the plot and the impossible to predict ending. You are bound to wonder till the last few pages- Who did it & how ?