Monday, April 16, 2012

Age of Empires-II

Ever wanted to build an empire? Ever wanted to be the Emperor of the land of Men? How would you start? What would you do? Take the path to everlasting glory- Age of Empires 2. Set in the middle ages, AOE-II allows you to choose between thirteen different civilizations to start your world dominance with. The gameplay is fairly involved, but once you know how to go about things, you're set to have the most amazing gaming time. Ever. Creating the most glorious race of men of all times sounds like epic wars, massive conquests and infinite exploring. However, no civilization starts with war, everything starts with the nurturing of the Life of Man.

AOE-II guides you from farming to producing villagers to creating militia, among many others. Besides the diversity of characters, you get to design your town, which will most likely be the heart of your to-be fabulous kingdom. You build mills for food, quarries for mining and barracks for producing soldiers. You amass wealth from gold mining, and use it to not only produce a large army but also to build a self-sustaining hub for all your heroic endeavours.

So, cutting a long story short, get addicted this summer. Play the multiplayer mode, and beat your friends to the summit of the Earth. B)