Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Boyle-ing sensation

There are early bloomers, and late bloomers. And there's Susan Boyle. When she first walked onstage in Britain's got talent, not many would have thought highly of her. But never judge a book by it's cover. What took place moments later has become a worldwide rage, both in the media as well as on the internet. Before coming on the show, Susan made her earnings by singing at the local church choir and at pubs around her small village. The rise to fame has been sudden and steep. “How famous do you want to become?” they asked her. She replied with an earnest “Ellen Paige”. The crowd breaks into raucous laughter. This ordinary, jobless woman from Scotland thinks she can be an Ellen Paige? Hah. And as I said earlier, moments later, everyone in the crowd could not utter another word for minutes. Attached is a video of her audition. Watch it, and if you already have (a big chance of that), watch it again. If this isn't worth another watch, very few things are. :) A shining example of resilience, and modesty, I look up to Susan as an idol, someone whose humane attributes are capable of rescuing a world from pride and