Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hustle - The Con is On

grifter: swindler, person who swindles you through deception or fraud


Hustle is a BBC show about a crew that pulls the long con. A long con is an elaborate scheme to swindle people for truckloads of money (Like in Ocean's 11, only better). Each year, BBC comes out with 6, one hour long episodes. All of you should atleast view one or two episodes if you haven't seen it.

The crew is an interesting mix of characters and humor, like most British TV shows is fairly classy. The schemes are realistic and each episode is scripted and shot beautifully.

Here's a snapshot of the show. Have a look for yourself.

The show will keep you hooked and is a must watch for people who like movies like Ocean's series, Italian Job. The pilot is one of the best TV episodes I've seen and is definitely worth a shot.

Contributed by Rushabh Shah.