Thursday, April 26, 2012

Naamdaar Tharki, Izzatdaar Bewade

Huyi mehangi bohot hi sharaab ke...thodi thodi piya karo

End semester exams do have their way of bringing back fond old memories and at times, incepting new tastes. This small write-up just about will manage to introduce the immense area of classic Indian ghazals and shayaris to the tormented mind. For instance, this is an epic line

Mashooq ka budhaapa...Lazzat dila rha hai,
Angoor ka maza, ab kishmish me aa rha hai

Jagjeet Singh summarizes the ageing process beautifully. Not to mention the crazy alaap and voice modulation he brings with it.

Pankaj Udhas, another renowned master of ghazal, masterfully portrays the dilemma of a needful man.

Aye ghum-e-zindag, tu hi kar faisala...Ek taraf uska ghar, ek taraf Maikada

As a background music, and sometimes as totally brilliant videos, you can any day go back to theses Indian masterpieces when it comes to having some peace of mind at night time, or a good laugh if you are into mindless mockery.

And since, you people won't do the searching for these songs we give you a playlist to listen to. :)

Ghazal by chiragchadha9 on Grooveshark

Oh, there is another class in this genre that deals with jawaani and nasha. Here is an example -

Sab toh milaake peete hain paani sharaab mein
Mai mila ke pee gaya, Jawanii...sharab mein

To end with, let me bring in, arguably, the most popular ghazal-like song of all time -

Tum toh thehre pardesi... * dhidhing dhidhing dhidhing * Tum toh thehre pardesi...saath kya nibayogey! *tana nanana nanana *

This article is a contribution from Harshveer Jain who himself quotes -

Mujhe na kisi ka gham hai, na aur khushi ki zarurat hai
sharaab cheez ho lajawab, but mehengi bahut hai !