Thursday, May 10, 2012

Game of Thrones

It is back, with an almighty bang!!

Game of Thrones emplys a standard formula, offering audiences complex characters in tangled situations. Bared breasts (as they quite often are) or hacked  limbs (also not uncommon), seem more ofa gritty depiction of a harsh world than unwarranted pandering to our lower appetites.

Trailer 1

The attention to detail and high quality of both cast and script rival even that of the universally acclaimed Lord of the Rings. It is impossible not to applaud the painstaking detail with which the producers have realized and worked on the key scenes.

Trailer 2 (Clash of Kings)

For people who watched season 1, the long wait is over. For people who haven't watched it yet, hop onto the bandwagon, soon...

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