Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indian Bands

Well, Grad's Bucket List has been a little low in new music. And yet again it pains me to see how less people in the institute know about the extremely talented Indian Bands. From Death metal to the lovely Blues, presenting you the list of top Ten Indian Bands that are a must hear. SUNO

And yes, if you are low on cash like myself, who can't attend the concerts of LoG, Iced Earth and Kreator, these bands perform often, and aren't too heavy on your pocket :D

1) Demonic Resurrection - Demonic Resurrection is a melodic blackened death metal band from Mumbai, India formed in the year 2000 by some 17 year old teens. It has grown to be one of the most polished bands in India and enjoys a massive fan following all over Its main influences are Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Cannibal Corpse

2) Raghu Dixit Project - Yes, we all saw them in Mood Indigo and remains to be one of the most memorable Pro-Night of all times. Their multilingual compositions are the amalgamations of different ethnic music and styles from across the country which leaves you buoyed!
NOTE - Raghu is a gold medalist in Microbiology and also, a trained dancer. -respect-

3) Soulmate - This Shillong band which came together in 2003 is definitely one of my current favorite. The magnificent duo of Rudy Wallang and the Tipriti Bhangar literally transport you to the picturesque north east with their blues. They are regular with their concerts and performances, so DO catch them. As, Tipriti says, "blues is my soul-mate"

4) Shakti - Shakti was a group which played a novel acoustic fusion music which combined Indian music with elements of jazz; it was perhaps the earliest practitioner of the musical genre world fusion. It is also a pioneer in Carnatic and Hindustani music, You shall experience a pristine calm.

5) Blackstratblues - Blackstratblues is a solo project of Warren Mendonsa, who is a guitarist, composer and record producer. It is powerful and bliss music, almost ethereal and rhythm guitar fans would totally love it!

6) Indus Creed - One of the earliest rock bands on India and definitely reputed all over the world. Indus Creed has produced some impeccable pieces of music. Their recent resurrection after long 15 years is much awaited.

7) A Thermal and a Quarter, TAAQ (to the impatient ones, okay, generally everyone in the institute0 - TAAQ delivers an unforgettable, immersive musical experience. Their music makes you want to have a drink in hand and well.. just sing along. The one below, Grab Me, is a master piece.

8)Something Relevant (STR) - Formed in 2003, in Bombay, this Jam Rock Band is superb. Their music is a regular scene at "Jazz by the bay". A must!

9) Indian Ocean - Again, one of the oldest band in India, they are considered to be the pioneers of fusion rock in India. Some critics describe their music as "Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms that integrates shlokas, sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution". WOAH!

10) Prem Joshua (?) - Well, it isn't technically an Indian Band but definitely some great Indian trance-fusion music. Prem Joshua is famous for his experimentation and making remixes of his own songs and infusing traditional Hindustani acoustic instruments with lounge and trance beats. So, all you trance fans (generally very few in the institute) this should be your first on "to-hear" list.

PS - This list is NOT exhaustive and be free to add your favourites. These are some which are a frequent on my playlist.
But more importantly, cheers to Indian Music :)

Contributed by Madalsa Singh