Friday, May 31, 2013



Go Goa Gone is rated A - for profanities, bad makeup,
and the assertion that metropolitan life is all about the ease of a one-night stand.

The idea of India's first zombie flick and that too with a pinch of comedy was definitely very exciting, but
with Bollywood having a reputation for its ability to turn fantastic scripts into bad projects with the help of dull screenplays, I had my set of apprehensions. Yes it might be difficult to make sense out of the film in its entirety,but that's not what the makers promise. They ask you not to leave your brains behind and come for the movie, but to carry it along and slip it out of the pocket from time to time.

Despite my reservations and slight lack of fervor, I have to admit that GGG was positively different from anything you've seen before and fun! The film is a bit over the top and cheesy but that's just some of it's strengths!It's a zom-com which is sure to be a hit among those who love tongue-in-cheek humour.

The movie starts with two stoned men (yes, our protagonists!) watching a Tolly-wised Michael Jackson dancing to the hit 'Thriller' and thereby setting the tone for what we should expect from the film,which is absolute madness! What is commendable about the film is the spot-on casting which shows in the crazy camaraderie between the three main guys- Kunal Khemu as the lecherous and always ready-to-be-stoned "Hardik", Vir Das as the confused lover-boy and Hardik's partner in crime "Luv" and my favourite character,the innocent "Bunny" played by the underrated Anand Tiwari.

Hardik loses his job, Luv loses his two-time girlfriend and Bunny loses well...his office presentation. And BANG! The three men down on luck enter Goa. The trio, somehow enter a rave party at a far off island thanks to Luv's facebook friend "Luna",played by the hot and vivacious puja gupta.

The rave party apparently was organised by the russian mafia in order to launch a newly imported hardcore rave drug which goes all out and turns all the guests at the party into blood sucking vampires! err..NO! ZOMBIES! and what follows is a crazy cat and mouse game of survival. Enter "Boris" (Saif Ali Khan) as the Russian drug-lord cum zombie hunter who loves to "Kill dead people" (in his typical "waaow" accented english) and ultimately gets them out of the fiasco.

The second half might give you a feeling of deja vu and you might find it a bit slack but then zombie flicks are always more interesting during the build up. The actors were top-notch and seemed to enjoy the madness, especially Kunal Khemu with his infectious comic timing will surely get you laughing out of your seat! It is great to see alternate genres being explored by the new age of Indian film-makers. That they are successful in doing so, augurs well for the industry.

Thank God, that the producers were contended with the 'A' certificate, 'cause the expletive words,wicked jokes and all the sexual references are vital for a film of this sort to work.

All in all GGG is an absolute zany delight and a "bloody" cool film to beat the heat this summer.I'm already looking forward to the sequel!

-- Contributed by Rishabh Bohara