Monday, May 13, 2013

Iron Man 3

IRON MAN 3                                                

“Heroes, there’s no such thing” 
– The Mandarin

Theatrical Poster

A rollercoaster of action, romance, comedy, and Tony Stark. A bit different from the first two movies, which focused almost solely on Stark’s arrogance ( /awesomeness?) ; here, they’ve tried to portray his more human side, showing that he’s still capable of breaking down out of anxiety despite saving the world every other day. A  bit different from what fans of the series are used to ; usually , people go to an Iron Man movie just to watch a genius billionaire in an awesome metal suit  save the day. But Shane Black thought he’d mix it up a bit. I personally, thought it was a welcome change. 

Mandarin & Aldrich Killian
The Rings of Mandarin
So, there was some good; a lot of good. Two super villains are always better than one, right? The movie is a clever mix of two different story lines from the comics; the Mandarin one and the Extremis one. Mr. Stark is upto his neck in trouble in this movie, and he shows that he’s still an awesome guy, with or without his suit. Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley play their roles perfectly. Guy Pearce , particularly, seems to have embraced a role  which he always seemed to be perfect for; a supercool  supervillain in a superexpensive suit. Brilliant casting. Ben Kingsley’s evil speeches ; well , let’s just say , hats off. Only Heath Ledger could compare ;). It was fun to watch a little kid bully Stark as well. And no matter what  critics may say about the movie, I have one response: The House Party Protocol. Having seen the trailer, it is always there in the back of your mind while you’re watching the movie, but when the scene actually comes…… Suddenly the whole movie seems a lot more awesome.

The house party protocol
There seemed to one fundamental flaw in the movie, however; His house blows up and he’s suddenly helpless?! This is TONY STARK we’re talking about! He’s got to have some kind of backup, right? That part of the movie seems a little forced , to bring out his weaknesses. But, hey, how perfect can you expect a movie to be?  This isn’t Christopher Nolan we’re talking about .

The Cool Tech in the film

So all things considered, I felt that this movie was better than the first and second part. Many people may beg to differ, but there’s something about watching 50 automated metal suits beating the living hell out of the bad guys that makes me give it two thumbs up.

P.S: Stan Lee makes his usual cameo appearance, but the thing that took me by surprise was that Stark’s bodyguard, Happy Hogan, is actually Jon Favreau, the director of the first and second movies. Didn’t see that coming J

The Stan Lee appearance in the movie

-- Contributed by Deepak Dilipkumar