Wednesday, July 24, 2013



This movie has no hard-core action,no goosebump giving horror,there's no suspense building throughout to the end and neither is it a commercial entertainer.But then there's still something which makes it beautiful and more than just amust-watch.

                                                                               Well, the beauty lies in the fact that the basic plot of the movie(set in 1950s) is a beautiful rich young girl + a handsome stranger = love story.Nothing novel or out of the box.But still there is something which keeps you captivated throughout.And the best part is that I haven't been able to decide on what that 'something' it the direction?is it
the screenplay?is it the acting?is it the music?or maybe it's a good(read rare) combination of all of the above :)

ranveer and sonakshi during their "painting" classes.

                                                                                  Kudos to sonakshi sinha and ranveer singh for their delightful acting.A good job there, but the director, vikramaditya motwane takes the cake here for his wonderful adaptation of O.Henry's 100 year old classic "The last leaf".He has immaculately
put it on the big screen in a way the indian audience could rejoice the master piece.
Enough of appraisals, now let's get on the storyline;

                                                                                  Pakhi(sonakshi sinha) is a beautiful young girl and the only daughter of an old bengali zamindar,our quintessential heroine.
A feisty girl,She is into literature and wants to be a writer.And then comes Varun Srivastava (Ranveer Singh) with his friend as an archaeologist to find some remains of a dead civilization under Paakhi's father's land.So impressed is the zamindarwith varun's knowledge of poetry and expertise in his own field, that he invites him over to stay at his place, unaware of the budding chemistry between his daughter and the soon-to-be-revealed conman,varun. Varun's  parting glances, slight
conversations and playful flirtations are obvious hints for pakhi who is now very much in love with him,only to find him flee the place on the day of their marriage...Almost a year later, they chance upon each other and are stranded in a cottage in the picturesque dalhousie amidst snowfall. Now Pakhi is taken over by mixed emotions towards the man while Varun seeks redemption.


                                                                         Amit trivedi is a genius and has proved it yet again by belting out some great music with 'zinda hoon yaar' being the standout for me.Soulful lyrics coupled with amazing voices adding layers to the scenes brought in the much needed intensity.
Also 'zinda' playing during the climax HAD to be the most fitting end.

                                                                      The splendid performances by the cast adds the right amount of shine to this near perfect picture.Throughout there is a discernible vulnerability to pakhi and sonakshi sinha brings this out perfectly well.But it was Ranveer who was the surprise package, matching her step by step, played his role with equal panache.Who would have thought that
this energetic delhi boy from 'band baja baraat' could play a role as subtle as this.versatility at
its best.

All in all the udaan director packs in another punch with this visual painting.

                                                                                               contributed by-rishabh bohara