Monday, May 5, 2014

  Book review : The Trial of Henry Kissinger
                      - Christopher Hithchens

This book is simply a must-read, specifically for every American and generally for all of humanity, in order to come to grips with reality. Very well researched, it severely indicts Nixon and Kissinger for their genocidal campaigns or support thereof in Vietnam, Cyprus, East Timor, Bangladesh, Chile etc.

Without being sensationalist, the book tackles with all these controversial issues ruthlessly, admitting from the outset to be a case against Henry Kissinger and his war crimes. It comes as a shock that no action was taken against him despite the many real evidences which this book presents, plus the ones that are locked away in the Library of Congress.

A real eye-opener for anyone willing to know more about the superpower called the USA and its hypocrisy, especially under Nixon.

- Harshit Sahay


Stills from a documentary by the same name