Friday, June 27, 2014

Play Review : Rishta Electronic Taar Ka

[The play was recently staged at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai as a part of 'Aaveg' - Mood Indigo, IIT-B's platform for the MI'13 winners]

This play by the students of Mithibai College narrates the story of a young boy who is a geek by nature and fails to understand the basic human instinct of making relationships and through it, shows us how technology has taken over our lives.

Rishta Electronic Taar Ka begins with an unloved teenager who desperately craves for affection and love, the lack of which immerses him in the world of technology where electronic devices are his only company as we see his parents leave him behind in the company of his grandmother while they go off to America for better job opportunities.

The protagonist of the play, Bhavesh Patel, played by Karan Bhanushali comes to know about an program that guarantees improved relationships in three days. Having nothing to lose, he goes ahead with it, only to find a beautiful instructor played by Chandralekha Mukherjee who is overly cheerful and enthusiastic.
Over three days, she manages to repair a few of Bhavesh’s soured relationships while making us realize the humungous amount of technology that has seeped into our private lives. Throughout the duration of the play, the storylinesmartly asserts as to how interpersonal relations have taken a backseat due to technology addiction. The heart touching story is supplemented by some delightful set designing, creative direction and earnest performances by the lead couple which has brought several accolades to this play.

This play was the runner up in the Third Bell competition at Mood Indigo 2013.