Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bucket Filler IV (not a challenge, relax)

Hey There. Here we go for this week.



I saw this series a long while back, so forgive me if I am a bit short on the specifics. All of you would know Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, a loveable goofy man-child. Most of you would also know him as Johnny English, a loveable goofy man-child with guns. But few know him as Edmund Blackadder.

The 4 seasons of the series each are set in different time periods of British History. All follow the "misfortunes" of Edmund Blackadder (played by Atkinson), who in each is a member of a British family dynasty present at many significant periods and places in British history. It is implied in each series that the Blackadder character is a descendant of the previous one.

Edmund Blackadder is not the only recurring character throughout the seasons. His dogsbody is Baldrick (Tony Robinson), who is also present in every episode in the entire series. Other actors (including Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, and Tim McInnerny) who appear as key characters in one season will frequently appear as different characters other seasons. Each of the supporting actors is outstanding, and although Blackadder is clearly Atkinson's show, all the actors work together to pull the effort off seamlessly.

First season notwithstanding, very funny script, brilliant cast, superbly acted, Blackadder to me is the quintessential British show.To a certain extent, "Blackadder" defies categorisation as a TV show. It certainly is a comedy, and a sardonic, cynical one at that. However, the series is so vested in British history that one almost feels you are receiving a series of lessons on British history rather than just watching a comedy show.This is history for people who don't take history all too seriously, and Blackadder in a way epitomises all that we average people feel as we go through life, regardless of the historical backdrop operating during our lives.

As I can’t put it any better, I’ll quote a reviewer, “Really, if you have never seen it don't think twice and go and buy it, rent it, download it, steal it or whateverelse[sic] you need to do to get your hands on it!”

- Abhay


A British post-rock, electronic artist. I stumbled upon him because of a song called “Parallel Jalebi”. Really interesting sounds.

A brother-sister duo from Australia, you’ll have to listen to them to understand how well their voices go together, and why they’ve picked the perfect genre to suit them (folkish indie, if you’re impatient). “Big Jet Plane” and “I’m not Yours” to start off.

Another acoustic artist, often compared to Nick Drake. Again, really calming sounds. If you’ve seen Real Steel, you will have heard some of his music as background for the no-fighting-robots scenes, where Hugh Jackman just drives his trailer through the countryside.

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