Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Korean Bucket

“The boy you see your rockstar in, isn’t really a boy.”

Behold this statement and embrace the surge of reactions. But hold your horses and read up further. This statement is the very basis of the South Korean romantic comedy series, “You’re beautiful”. It doesn’t usually take long for Korean drama watchers to hear about the classic “You’re Beautiful”.  This 2009 drama still remains insanely popular among fans. This is one hell of a TV series-cum-drama if you’re a beginner in the world of Korean dramas.

With a meagre amount of 25 episodes, this drama has managed to keep the fans glued to the screen for hours. It is full of clichés and over dramatization but it’ll grow on you in a matter of few episodes.

You're Beautiful is about a girl named Go Mi Nyeo (Park Shin Hye) who has to pretend to be her twin brother Go Mi Nam in order to take his place in the popular boy band A.N.JELL when he needs time to recover from a botched eye surgery. It revolves around the various hilarious situations Go Mi Nyeo gets into while impersonating her  twin.

The boy protagonist is Jang Geun Suk as he played the leader of A.N.JELL, Hwang Tae Kyung. He is the insufferable cocky smug guy who is nothing less than a spoiled rich brat. Of course, he is an absolute irritant to Go Mi Nyeo, and it does take him some time to warm up to her.
Park Shin Hye plays our leading lady, who from here on out I will refer to as Mi Nam (which is her twin brother’s name who she is impersonating), with effortless ease.  Mi Nam is sweet, innocent, and super-clumsy.  She is innately dumb at times. Pulling off this switch was difficult for her and certainly provided for many laughs.  
Then we have our faithful second lead, band member Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa).  After finding out Mi Nam is a girl, he quickly takes a protective liking to her.  He is her support and a shoulder to cry on.  He will always do what it takes to make her happy.

Our final band member Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) is a guy next door.  He’s playful and fun, and he provides many humorous moments.  
The crazy antics with the band and especially between Tae Kyung and Mi Nam are highlights of the show.  They constantly get into awkward situations, and Mi Nam is frequently in need of rescuing like a damsel in distress.  But the best thing about this drama is the whole hilarity it cooks up to keep the audience thoroughly entertained.
The unmissable part about the drama is the music though. One of the best songs you’ve ever heard might be found here. The music is this mellifluous dulcet which leaves you in the airy feeling of romance.  If you’re a soft-music lover, go check out its track list. It is sure to leave a lasting effect on you.
A fair warning though: this drama is not for anti-romantic people. They might find it ridiculous and dumb. It is one of those cute teenager romance laced with a generous sprinkling of giddy gaiety.

Go watch it if you’re (maybe secretly) a gooey (oops sorry xD) romantic at heart and love comedy drama. You’re in for one hell of a chortling ride. Review by - Devyani Verma