Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Rice Bucket

Here’s a proposal. What if you can prepare for your SATs and end World hunger. This certainly would draw anyone’s attention. Freerice helps you to do just that. It’s actually just a free online multiple choice questions based quiz on a wide range of topics like vocabulary, geography, American history, arithmetic et al. The questions are set in an increasing level of difficulty. The thing that sets it apart from other SAT preparatory sites is that it donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program for every correct answer.

Freerice was created by John bean, a computer programmer, in order to help his son with his SATs and 830 grains of rice was donated in the first day itself. The same year the World Food Programme started a campaign to “feed a child for thanksgiving” and urged the internet users to take some time off their lives to visit the website and lend a small hand in ending world hunger. In 2009 John Bean sold the company to World Food Program.

The sustenance is based on the ad-based formula. For every correct answer a new sponsor advertisement gets displayed. This covers the cost of the rice that’s donated. Till now about $213,000 have been donated to  WFP by the site. And in 2013 WFP reported that 10 million grains are donated every day which is roughly 2 meals for 50,000 odd people.

To summarise , this site is a great way to spend your spare time on internet ( it gets quite addictive after a few questions) .It’s not often that you get a chance for charity sitting right at home and simultaneously help you prepare for your tests. Do give this a try folks .