Monday, June 27, 2016

The Manga bucket

Review of “The Breaker”  by Swati Pattnaik
One of my favourite genres when it comes to Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua is Martial Arts. It certainly helps that the Japanese, Korean and Chinese Mangaka love Martial Art as much as I do. For those that have fallen in love with this genre, a few of my all times favourites are Naruto, One Piece, The Breaker, Bleach, History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Full Contact etc. One such series from my top list is the manhwa(Korean), The Breaker written by Geuk-Jin Jeon and illustrated by Jin-Hwan Park under the pen name Kamaro.

The story revolves around Shi-Woon Yi, a weak boy that is constantly bullied and is unable to stand up for himself.  However, everything changes with the entrance of a new teacher, Chun Woo Han.  Chun Woo initially seems to be a goofy, eccentric teacher, a bit on the perverted side above all else. Soon Shi-Woon discovers that Chun Woo is in fact a skilled martial artist.  Shi-Woon, desperate to change his life and find a way to defend himself, insists on having Chun Woo as his teacher, to which Chun Woo refuses at first.  Shi-Woon proves himself willing to go to any length in order to improve himself, and Chun Woo reluctantly decides to teach him. Though Shi-Woon simply hoped to become stronger to defend himself and protect those whom he cares about, he finds that the world of martial arts is more dangerous than he realized and there is much more to Chun Woo than meets the eye.
Breaker’s story is quite engaging, and while it starts off a bit slow, it becomes a very eventful and captivating read. As the threats become more pressing and more is revealed about Chun Woo, the story becomes very action-packed. Though this is very much a tale about Shi-Woon the disciple, but  Chun Woo is just as important a part of the story as Shi-Woon. Breaker follows the growth of Shi-Woon just as much as it follows Chun Woo fighting against the enemies of his past, and seeing how the two come together makes for a very exciting experience. Personally I found Shin Woo’s character quite intriguing, a weak guy that goes to great lengths for his convictions. His awesome sense of justice that doesn’t waver when faced with adverse situations. What makes him stand out is his fighting spirit, his ability to get back up on his feet after being beaten down time and again. In addition Breaker has many more eccentric characters in store for its readers. These characters range from being normal high school students to teenage martial arts masters, garden verity adults to super strong grandpas, bikers, hoodlums, super cute girls, hunky guys and much more in store for the readers.

The plot of breaker ends after many twist and turns with an unexpected climax, leaving the readers craving for more. Thank fully it doesn’t end there the story of Shi-Woon’s evolvement continues in Breaker’s sequel The Breaker: New Waves.