Wednesday, May 10, 2017

World war 2 bucket

Ever feel like getting engrossed in a romantic drama, which is full of action, set in wartimes, and topped by a touch of mystery/suspense?  Well, Robert Zemeckis' Allied is the perfect movie for you. No matter how many movies set during the World War II bind you with their plot/storyline, the next one does the same. Allied, not only keeps you riveted by the plot, but also intrigues​ you emotionally by using different wartime events to advance the passionate love affair of Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard), a relationship torn between duty and love. Majority of the screen time is devoted to the protagonists, whose subtle acting, complemented by Robert's talent of storytelling, does more than justice to the script. The way the element of trust is built and destroyed, and the way the truth is unveiled, make it a very gripping story.

The duo meet first in a mission in Germany, (no, not to kill Hitler), and as it progresses, the fire of intense adoration is kindled between them. Post mission they get married and are blessed with a daughter Ana. It seems all so perfect, but then circumstances start to induce mistrust between them. Duty sends them investigating each other, love makes them want to not believe what they discover, but both drive them in a conquest to find the truth in their relationship.

This isn't a classic where the climax had lots to do with the war itself, but if beautiful depiction of emotions, good plot development, and a duo of amazing actors do for you, Allied is the movie you should watch.
Will love betray duty or duty betray love?
PS: You might need some tissues for the end, if there's even a little possibility of you breaking down.

-Parshva Shah