Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Two-in-One Bucket

1.)Freakonomics and 2.)Superfreakonomics

by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt

Review of Book 1
This book as the authors state is about nothing. The book has no apparent underlying theme and ranges from sumo wrestling in Japan to gangs and crimes in America to teachers helping their children cheat in tests. The authors have done some quality data collection and have consolidated it in a very reader friendly way so as to not scare away the potential reader while maintaining the beauty of the imbalances that lie in the real world and the way people perceive the real world. It's like a physicist discussing quantum physics with a bunch of high-schoolers; not getting too mathematical and yet conveying the beauty that beholds. A must read for everyone who wishes to be left in awe as his/her entire perception of the world changes drastically, much like the ending of Shawshank (except here the entire movie was the perception of world that you built).

Review of Book 2
(in the voice of honest trailers)...... Get ready for the sequel of the book that completely blows your mind off... ...SUPERFREAKONOMICS.......
(normal voice now) Get ready for some major trust issues when the authors tell you that the first book did have an underlying theme in the opening para. The second book is an even better written book as the authors take on more serious issues and prove unconventional points better than before as readers are left flabbergasted. Defending issues like wage gap and "global warming is not a real issue", the authors support their arguments fantastically with numbers so as to shut the biggest feminazis I've known once and for all. Not only does this book give you a fantastic flipside perspective just like the previous one, it might also give you a few points to argue supporting the male chauvinist in you. This book is the Dark Knight to the prequel that is Batman Begins. However if the first book wasn't motivation enough for you to read the second one I doubt this review will ever be.

-Nirbhay Wadiwala