Friday, May 18, 2012

Castle (Season 5)

**Yes, this article contains spoilers. Be certain of it. If you haven't seen the finale of Season 4, don't even think about venturing further. You have been warned!

WOW! For all those who have watched the mind-blasting, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Yes, that is a word!) last episode of Season 4, you have to agree with me on this. It has been one of the best episodes, for me at least. It has brought an end to the ''will they or won't they'' sexual tension between Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion). They finally do get together. The writers has apparently been planning for it since the very moment the words "I Love You" were out of Castle's mouth on the finale of Season 3.

Throughout the season it was inching towards this very moment. And it was lovely. Fine, I will not get all gooey over this. Here is a video for you:

''Casbeck'' anyone? Actually ''Caskett'' sounds better!

Ok, fine. Enough about Season 4. This is supposed to be about Season 5 and what is upcoming. So here it is:

Obviously the first thing that everybody will be wondering about is what will be the scene like when they wake up in the morning? Finally the feelings are out in the open after 4 long seasons, we are going to wonder what is the reaction like for both of them after their night of passion!
Also Castle has wanted this for quite some time. He has openly proclaimed his love for Beckett, but she hasn't reciprocated, per say. She has still to say those 'Three little magic words''. Will it happen on the Season premiere?

There is the fact that these two still have to come to terms with their relationship. Castle is going to be Castle and Beckett herself. How will they survive the new level that they have reached in their personal lives? Just having one passionate night doesn't guarantee a happy ending down the road.

Also how can we forget the very tantalizing, mouth-watering cliffhanger? Beckett's killer is on the loose and very determined to ''put her to ground''. Maybe she doesn't finally care about her mother's killer, but the shooter still has a lot of unfinished business with her. Also she is unaware of this fact! She is under the false impression that now that she has stopped pursuing them, they will let her and her new lover be. This will get interesting very fast.

With the major plot points stowed away, lets get to the little things..

Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan have a falling out towards the end over the handling of Beckett's case. The writers had said they wanted to concentrate a little on the other lead characters besides Castle and Beckett, so they involved this plot point. Esposito and Ryan have never had any kind of argument before this. This is totally new.
Also relating to this is the resignation of Beckett and suspension of Esposito by Gates. She is going to be one roadblock that will be faced in the new season.

One may have forgotten that Sophia Turner, one of Castle's earlier muses, mentioned that his dad was working for the CIA. This is one thing that hopefully, will be in one of the episodes next season. It is very interesting and a lot can be explored in that direction. Surprisingly this is the first time a mention has been made about him. The writer's have quite brilliantly kept it a secret for all the seasons. This plotline will surely get some screentime.

Here is a video about the conversation on Castle's dad:


Okay I expected this to be short article. I was SO wrong. Anyways hopefully you enjoyed it as much I enjoyed writing it and didn't get thoroughly bored.

Contributed by Hersh