Thursday, May 24, 2012

House - A Tribute!

So this is just a small tribute to House, an awesome TV Series. For people who haven't seen, please do. The character of Dr. Gregory House is brilliantly portrayed  by Hugh Laurie and is lightly based on Sherlock Holmes. The character of Dr. James Wilson is shown as the Watson-type sidekick.

There is also a subsection devoted to the similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Greg House on the Wikipedia page of House MD. Here it is:

Just a fun thing:
Look at the address carefully!

Haha, So True.

I searched for some of the troll moments by House. Obviously there are a lot of them since House is very sarcastic by nature, but these are some of the best ones I found:

                                                              "House gives you Hell"

                                                           His infamous clinic hours!

This post has become too big already so I will leave you with this:

                                                                It is aptly titles House-isms

For more information go to
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