Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Urban Shots - Bright Lights

The book is a compilation of 29 beautiful short stories, edited by bestselling author, Paritosh Uttam.

It's a perfect cocktail - right amount of ingredients - be it comedy, drama, suspense, thriller, crime, biography, romance, fantasy. Few stories figuratively intoxicate and leave you in want of something more of it.

The book takes you on a joy ride from posh Bangalore colony to a flat in Jaipur. Amul has the innocence of a child. Maami Menace has a petty neighbour, who has a solution to every problem but yet she doesn't try them on her own. Stories such as It's All Good, The Pig In A Poke and The Weeping Girl are based on the current topics of recession, fraudulent mails and conning. Across The Seas and The Raincoat have emotional quotient attached to them. Father Of My Son is my favourite, which has a father backing his son's proposal of marriage. Hot Pants increases your interest  exponentially as you proceed with the story. The Peacock Cut is a literary delight and the choice of words has infused life into an otherwise ordinary story.

A low-point being that there were many proof-reading mistakes of apostrophe, inverted commas and even spelling mistakes. Also some stories appeared to be routine blogging stuff and a few wore the look as if they were translated from Hindi.
Apart from these, the book is just a perfect read and is prescribed dose of musings of urban life. It is worth the money you spend on it. My personal favourite being - Father Of My Son.

Paritosh Uttam

Contributed by Prakhar Singh