Thursday, May 3, 2012

West Wing

Aaron Sorkin's brilliantly crafted drama, West Wing, revolves around the day to day activities of the President of the United States (aptly nicknamed POTUS) and his senior white house staff as they go about negotiating through various different political and legislative issues not to mention the very many terrorist activities. Though that may sound boring to many, once you start watching, you get so engrossed its hard to let go, trust me.

Stand out acting performances by Martin Sheen as president Josiah bartlet and Alison Janney who portrays White House press secretary CJ Cregg has already become a household name. Other notable characters are Bradley Whitford as Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman and Richard Schiff as White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler.

It ran for a total of 7 seasons starting in 1999 winning 26 Emmy's including 9 in its first season itself.

No wonder it has been called the F.R.I.E.N.D.S of the Drama world.

Promo of the TV Show

Contributed by Dhairya Manek