Friday, June 13, 2014

Haunted places you need to visit in Mumbai

There is a  surprisingly high number of spooky places in Mumbai, much more than you'd have expected. If you deny being scared of ghosts and apparitions (as you surely do), visiting a few of them should definitely be on our Bucket List, if only to prove a point. Here is a collection of some of the give-me-creeps-iest places in Mumbai:

Mukesh Mills
Once upon a time, mills were the backbone of the city but with time, these mills ran out of business and many were left abandoned. One such  wasteland is Mukesh Mill situated in Colaba, which closed shop in the year 1980. The mill has been used for years for shooting horror films and shows but few know that the place is actually haunted. Even the bravest do not dare enter the mill after sunset. In the past, an actress had claimed that she heard a female colleague talking in a demonic voice, as if she was possessed, ordering the crew to leave the set immediately.

Aarey Milk Colony
Set up in the year 1949 by the Aarey Dairy, it is one of the few vast open stretches of greenery still extant in the city and a hot spot for picnics. It is also frequented by film industry for shooting films and ads. But Aarey colony is known for another reason. People have reportedly seen many ghostly apparitions along the vast stretch of road. Many people refuse to stay there after dark due to unusual ghostly sensations that one can feel over there.

Tower of Silence
The only Parsi cemetery in Mumbai is situated on top of the Malabar Hills and is one of the freakiest place in Mumbai. The Parsis follow the tradition of leaving the bodies of their dead in the cemetery for the scavengers to feed on.The images that come to one’s mind after reading this are enough to scare the hell out of anyone. Add to that the desolate winding road that leads to Tower of Silence in the pitch dark, and you have a perfect recipe for a ghoulish hangout.
D’souza Chawl
This chawl is located in Mahim near Canossa Primary School. This chawl has a well which was used by the residents to fill in water for their day to day needs but the well was quite dangerous as it didn’t have any boundary walls surrounding it.A lady died by falling into that well with the whole structure collapsing onto her. The lady struggled for a while but sadly, she died a very painful death.
The locals says that the lady is seen every night near the well, many people having spotted the apparition of a lady which is speculated to be the ghost of that unfortunate lady.She wanders around the well and eventually disappears by the dawn.

We hope you aren't scared of these places already! :P