Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bucket Filler II

 PLAY: South Park - The Stick of Truth

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Well, I haven’t seen the show, and I’ve just started playing it myself. But I have watched it for long enough durations while the guy sitting next to me in class was playing it. So I know that it is great fun, especially if it can make you burst out laughing towards the end of PH108.

Anyways, South Park - The stick of truth has proven to be one of the truest TV Show to game adaptations, retaining all the humour and artistic awesomeness that South Park boasts of. It starts of with the user taking control of The New Kid, and in the words of the game-makers - “From the perilous battlefields of the fourth-grade playground, a young hero will rise, destined to be South Park's savior” . What follows is a series of unimaginably stupid yet hilarious adventures, involving everything from Aliens to Nazi Zombies. The gameplay is really engaging, with full control over the character and loads of weapons and special powers. A couple of screenshots - 

Image result for south park the stick of truth gameplay
Image result for south park the stick of truth gameplay
Image result for south park the stick of truth gameplay

Parts of the game have been censored in different countries, and the makers replaced them with cards with paragraphs that very graphically depict what was going on in the scenes anyways ( most of them involving certain kinds of probes). Well, play to find out, I guess.
So, if you have seen South Park, you really should try this one, and if you haven’t try it all the same. I did, and it was pretty cool.

(Credit for introducing me to this game goes to one Abhishek Andasu, who still maintains that “It’s just too good, man!”)

READ : The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan:

When I warily picked up this book, I had expected it to be tepid, at best and cheesy, at worst. Because, as far as genres go, Romance just never appeals to me. But it was a book by Levithan and the title had the word 'Dictionary' in it, and so, it happened.

It is a story of two people in love, all right, but where it changes for the better is the way it is lexically delineated: every chapter is an entry under a word, from A for aberrant, abyss to Z for zenith. And every word is associated to a bittersweet memory the characters have of each other.

buffoonery, n.

You were drunk and I made the mistake of mentioning Showgirls in a near-empty subway car. The pole had no idea what it was about to endure.

livid, adj.

Fuck you for cheating on me. Fuck you for reducing it to the word ‘cheating’. As if this were a card game and you sneaked a look at my hand.

In this alphabetical accession, chronology is amiss and that makes it all the more palpable: a story of love, infidelity and fallout that is both personally unique and carelessly universal, something you can't help but nod along to. At 211 pages, it is a very short book, something that would probably take you not more than a couple of hours as some of the chapters happen to be one sentence long.

I would recommend this if you, like me, associate words to feelings and enjoy prose that is unabashedly purple. Or if all you want is a feel-good respite and don't mind a bit of romance to do the deed.



Really calming acoustic tracks, in case you were looking for some easy listening.

Perhaps the exact opposite of acoustic, Lazerhawk and Kavinsky operate in the Retrowave space of music. Pure synth and base tracks. Lazerhawk’s Redline, and Kavinsky’s OutRun are good albums to start with. Special mention to Kavinsky’s Odd Look featuring The Weeknd. I really liked it.

Last minute addition - just stumbled upon it.

This first

Then this

and pick up from there.

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Some random fun links for you to waste time on. Descriptions would ruin the fun.

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