Monday, May 18, 2015

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FoxTrot by Bill Amend


Where to begin? Well I suppose, a short description of the characters is as good a place as any.

Say hi to the Fox family, there’s
  • Andrea "Andy" Fox is the mother, the one who calls all the shots. More the disciplinarian, she has a passion for English, writing, and making new meals with tofu and eggplant, which gives everyone nightmares.
  • Roger Fox is the father and ‘head’ of the family. Jolly, goofy, and kind of dim witted. Most of the strips involving him deal with him messing up and the reactions of the kids or Andy to him trying to cook breakfast, do the laundry, etc.
  • Peter Fox is the oldest sibling, and is the popular older brother type. He likes sports, music, and has an endless stomach. He has a girlfriend named Denise who he tends to upset with his stupidity towards other girls, and though he is on the baseball team, he seems to do them more harm than good. He also has a lead foot when driving a car.
  • Paige Fox is the middle child and the only girl of the family. She is boy crazy, hoping to get a boyfriend, is new to high school, loves desserts, and is driven nuts by her little brother, Jason Fox.
  • Jason is a 10 year old fifth grader who has a genius I.Q and by far my favourite character of all. He loves school and finishes his entire homework for the year on the first day of school. The rest of the time he spends creating money making schemes, playing new computer games, launching rockets, and driving his sister Paige crazy..

Bill Amend was a physics major at Amherst College, and this is reflected in the frequent references to mathematics and physics in the series (though, not quite as much as in xkcd). Heck, Foxtrot may be the only comic strip to get a mention in Wolfram Mathworld courtesy ofFoxTrotMathTest.jpg
this strip. (See: Foxtrot Series...taken from the 4th panel :) )

Amend produces consistently charming and truly amusing work. Most strips are guaranteed to bring at least a smile, occasionally a bark of laughter, and usually a good healthy laugh. Not the masterful subtle social commentary of Calvin & Hobbes, Amend spends the majority of his energy exploring humourous misadventures and putting a smiley face on the little things in life that bug us.
Oh, and for the nerds…there are a staggering number of pop-culture references in this series. No seriously, with strips like "Welcome to Jasorassic Park”, “I'm Flying, Jack...I Mean, Roger”, “Your Momma Thinks Square Roots Are Vegetables”,and “Orlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything” you guys are in for a treat.


Pick it up if you are a fan of "Fox Trot" or love comic strips like "Calvin and Hobbes" or "For Better or For Worse."

-Abhay Vikram

Watch -

Marvel’s Daredevil.

Well to start off with, Daredevil is the first entire series I've seen since Sherlock S3( and before that was Sherlock S2 and S1 . (full stop) ). Given the hype around it, and the fact that it is one of the most recent releases, many of you may have already seen this one. If you haven’t though, it definitely is worth it.

Daredevil is probably Marvel’s first attempt to showcase the grittier side of the Marvel Comics Universe. And they’ve done justice to it, this series being more dark and contemplative than any previous Marvel release ( except the movie adaptation of Daredevil of course, that was really dark). It is set in post Avengers I New York, and constant references are made to the happenings of the battle and to the Avengers themselves. There is a certain distrust towards heroes in masks, which looks like build up to the CapAm civil war movie next year. But on the whole it is far more coherent with existing Marvel canon than DC can ever hope for (I’ve seen enough of Arrow, Flash and Supergirl( yes, the trailer) to say that).

The story is amazing, with dozens of comics references thrown in. The acting is even more so. Charlie Cox (Matt Murdoch - Daredevil) and Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk - Kingpin) almost really feel the pain that their characters do, and it shows in every word they speak. The rest of the cast does well to keep the mood and the story going. A few surprises were seeing Ayelet Zurer (Munich, Angels and Demons) as Vanessa, and the way she slowly assumed the character of Kingpin’s wife, and the daredevil suit which they actually show only in the last episode ( till then he’s in “The Man without fear” attire from the comics ). But for anyone who does start watching the show, it will be near impossible to stop, each episode drags you into watching the next one.

That’s all on the show. Do watch it, and while you’re at it, I dare you to spot Stan Lee’s cameo in this one.

-Rishi Vanukuru

Listen -

A pretty cool indie/chill artist based in Russia. Check “Way to an Angel” and “Together” for starters.

A slightly more popular ( I guess ) duo from Australia, Willow beats have produced some really trippy music over the years, “Blue” is a good place to start on their stream.

Check Out -

The less said, the better. A collection of online versions of the greatest DOS based games ever made ( PoP, Wolfenstein, you name it).