Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Ultimate Bucket

The Ultimate Bucket

Hey there. So this week’s bucket filler is going to be the last one for this summer. So, we, in collaboration with our alter egos at Whose Blog is Lit Anyway, have come up with this insanely massive bucket list/planner, one for a great many years to come.

This one is as much a bucket list for you as it is for us. We can’t write reviews, so just short descriptions for now. Do check WBiLA for the wacky take. Maybe in a couple of years we can compare notes. See where we’re all at.
Till then though, Knock yourselves out.

Read -

All of these are coming within the next few months (except the first one, which has just been released). Go knock yourselves out.

This was the original draft of the much-hyped To Kill A Mockingbird, and reveals a whole new side to the beloved characters of the original book.
A new Humans of New York book with all new humans, and even longer stories.

Coming October 16th. This is a compilation of the 3 Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas, which are interesting short books set about 80 years before the main events of A Song of Ice and Fire, with about 160+ illustrations added by Gary Gianni. While we’re on the topic, we’re hoping against hope that The Winds of Winter releases before this book. *shakes fist at GRRM*
An official account of the events taking place after the events of The Return Of The Jedi, apart of the new canon, find out what happens during the 30 years between trilogies. Prequel to the new movie The Force Awakens. Mark September 4th on your calendars folks.

Seems to be the year of lost and found tales.

While we’re waiting for Riordan to do one on Indian Mythology.

Watch -

Okay. First up, the Superhero super calender

LEGO Batman is one movie we are particularly rooting for.

Disney’s upcoming movies -

You may already know of them, but here are a few ones bound to make grown ups cry their hearts out.

Watch. No questions asked.

Turns out the director of Toy Story 1 & 2 is back for this one. And he’s really excited.

Marvel TV shows -

Daredevil season 2, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders… Whoa.

The Revenant (Dec. 25th 2015) - Trailer
What better way to spend Christmas than to watch an Iñárritu directed movie starring Leonardo di Caprio. This movie also potentially gives us reason to add to the mountain of Oscar jokes on Leo.

Listen -

Now for some really cool albums coming out soon, all hopefully within this year -

Well, Chris Martin released a small handwritten note a while back confirming this, so expect some more announcements in the next couple of months.

Lana Del Rey is coming out with Honeymoon (In fact, the title track is already out, and is real nice), Chvrches (not very popular, but awesome) are going to be releasing their second studio album soon. Kanye is also coming out with SWISH, this year or the next. Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Rihanna and Janet Jackson have unnamed albums in the pipeline as well. September has Disclosure with Caracal and Rudimental with We the Generation. Surprisingly, old timers like Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and Rob Thomas also are back on the scene at around the same time.

Well. Music needs time. We’ll stop at that for now. Next update in Christmas.

Check Out -

Click Here - This link defies all description. We have just taken “saving the best for the last” to a whole new level.
Click Here - A puppy with a bandana on a trampoline.
Click Here - Trailer of the new Archie movie.

Click Here - If you’ve gotten this far.